Treatment focus Children/Adolescents

The body undergoes constant changes during development. During this, problems like pelvic misalignment, poor posture or even scoliosis may occur that can not be compensated by the body itself. Also, flat or skew feet or an inverted gait may arise.
In certain periods of growth, children may complain about growing pains, but also balance problems. Concentration problems, a slowed motoric development or fine motor skill problems may also occur.
Headaches and migraine are no rare problems in the present time and often observed within children and adolescents.
Chronic infections such as a cold, bronchitis or middle ear infection are frequent symptoms in the daily practice.
Furthermore, osteopathy gives the possibility of an supporting healing process after accidents, trauma, bone fractures and surgeries.

It is noted for legal reasons that through naming the exemplary symptoms, there is no promise for healing or a guarantee of relief or an improvement of the listed symptoms.  It is recommended to consult a doctor first before you receive an osteopathic treatment.