Osteopathy is an integrated kind of treatment which is useful for a wide range of symptoms. It is applicable for babies, children and adults as well as pregnant women and athletes.

Through soft palpation, the locomotor system is examined for restriction of mobility and tension patterns that the patient has acquired in life through disease, poor posture or trauma. By releasing these blockades, self-regulating powers of the body can be supported.

Therefore, body fluids like blood, lymphatic fluid and cerebrospinal fluid optimize their circulation. Through that, the brain, organs and the locomotor system receive an optimal supply. That is why osteopathy is also an important treatment concept in the prevention of disease. For example, arthritis is prevented by removing the undersupply of the tissue.

With a single treatment, three parts are considered that function as a unit and can not be looked at separately:

  • Locomotor system (parietal system)
  • Organ system (visceral system)
  • Central nervous system with cranium, spine & tail bone (craniosacral system)