Treatment focus Adults

Through restrictions of mobility on the locomotor system, problems like back, hip or knee pain may occur. Typical complaints of long sitting in front of the computer or lots of stress are shoulder and neck pain. Other frequent complaints in daily practice are inflammation of the Achilles tendon as well as tennis and golf elbow.

Complaints such as heartburn, bloating and distension, remaining obstruction or diarrhea, but also urinary, menstrual, hormonal or breathing problems can be caused by a functional interference of organs and builds the possibility of an osteopathic (visceral) treatment.

In the area of head, spine (spinal cord) and tail bone (craniosacral osteopathy), dysfunctions can cause symptoms such as headaches, migraine and tinnitus. Also jaw joint problems and permanent tiredness and feeling of exhaustion can be caused through dysfunctions in this area.

It is noted for legal reasons that through naming the exemplary symptoms, there is no promise for healing or a guarantee of relief or an improvement of the listed symptoms. It is recommended to consult a doctor first before you receive an osteopathic treatment.