Treatment focus Babies

An unfavorable position in the mother’s womb, an adverse impact to the infant’s head in the birth canal (also sucking bell), stagnation of the birth process or c-section may cause various problems after birth.
Drinking problems such as sucking or swallowing problems can be such a result that can affect thrive, and, through breast feeding, the resulting nest protection.
The causation of colicing is often due to the physiological adjustment of the bowel. You may notice excessive crying, increased restlessness or a double over in pain baby.
Also, so-called forced postures or preferred postures, where the baby holds its head unilateral, which often accompanies by a fixed hyperextension, can occur. Over time, this may cause deformities of the still soft head bones.
All named symptoms may cause sleeping problems and/or excessive screaming in babies. In daily practice, positive courses could be observed through osteopathic treatment.

It is noted for legal reasons that through naming the exemplary symptoms, there is no promise for healing or a guarantee of relief or an improvement of the listed symptoms. It is recommended to consult a doctor first before you receive an osteopathic treatment.